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"Insurance: The best ‘oops!’ button for life's ‘oh No!’ moments."

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As a dedicated Insurance Agent with Comparion Insurance Agency, my journey to this profession is rooted in diverse experiences and a profound understanding of the importance of securing one's future. Born in Mesa, Arizona, I spent several years serving our country in the military, an experience that taught me discipline, resilience, and the value of preparedness. My service concluded in 2021, leading me to settle in the vibrant community of Colorado Springs, Colorado, with my supportive spouse and three wonderful children.

The transition from military to civilian life is a pivotal moment that many veterans navigate with determination and hope. For me, this transition was not just about finding a new career path but also about fulfilling a newfound passion. Thus, I embarked on an academic journey at a local college in Colorado Springs, pursuing and successfully obtaining a Bachelor's in Business Administration in February of 2024. This educational pursuit was about acquiring business acumen and understanding the broader impact of well-managed financial services on individuals and families alike.

Throughout my studies, and paralleled by the meticulous process of Army retirement, I gained a deep appreciation for the critical role that insurance plays in our lives. It became clear to me that insurance is not merely a financial tool but a foundation of stability for individuals and families. It safeguards against unforeseen circumstances, ensuring that life’s unexpected turns do not derail our long-term goals or the well-being of our loved ones. This realization fueled my desire to embark on a career where I could make a meaningful difference.

As an insurance agent, I am committed to providing tailored advice and solutions that reflect the unique needs and aspirations of each client. My military background, combined with my academic achievements and personal journey, have equipped me with a unique perspective on risk management and financial planning. I am passionate about helping others protect what matters most to them, drawing on my own experiences to offer insights and guidance.

At Comparion Insurance Agency, I am proud to stand as a resource and advocate for my clients, ensuring they have the support and information they need to make informed decisions about their insurance needs. Whether it is navigating life’s milestones or unforeseen challenges, I am here to help you secure your future and achieve peace of mind.


Licensed in

  • Colorado - 836271


  • 401k consulting
  • Advice choosing insurers
  • Annuities
  • Asset protection
  • Helping select coverage limits
  • Income replacement
  • Insurance consulting
  • ATV insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Car insurance


  • English