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How does jewelry insurance work?

Simply put, jewelry insurance is specialized coverage that helps protect you financially if your jewelry is stolen, lost, or damaged in a covered loss. The several types of jewelry insurance include:

Blanket coverage: This is usually an add-on, or endorsement, to an existing home, renters, or condo policy that allows you to specify a coverage amount to insure your jewelry. It is important to note that it is intended to cover your jewelry collection (like a “blanket”) rather than individual pieces. Typically there is no deductible.

Scheduled personal property coverage: Like blanket coverage, scheduled personal property coverage (sometimes referred to as “scheduled jewelry”) is an add-on to an existing property insurance policy. It allows you to increase coverage limits for expensive items like jewelry. Insurance policies usually have a limit on the amount of coverage for these items.

Stand-alone policies: If you have a high-value piece of jewelry or collection, you may want to consider a stand-alone insurance policy to make sure your items are insured for their appraised value. Additionally, these policies tend to provide broader coverage for situations like accidental damage, lost stones, and disappearances. These types of policies usually do not have deductibles but do require appraisals. A stand-alone jewelry policy is the most customizable and comprehensive and recommended for high-value items.

An insurance agent near you can work with you to evaluate which type of jewelry insurance is best for your unique situation.

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How do I start working with an agent?

Getting a jewelry insurance quote with an agent is quick and easy. Start a quote with just your name, address, email, and phone number, and an insurance agent near you will give you a call to finish the process.

Want to have a conversation first? Find an agent near you and schedule a time to talk. We have agents all over the country who are ready to work with you and recommend coverage options that best protect you and your jewelry.

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Does my homeowners insurance policy cover my jewelry?

If you have an existing property insurance policy like homeowners or condo, it's possible your policy covers jewelry up to a certain amount, for example $1,500. You'll want to check your policy documents to know exactly how much your jewelry is covered for. If you have pieces worth over that amount, it may be worth looking into upping your coverage amount or purchasing a separate policy for your jewelry.

Additionally, with property insurance there is usually a deductible that you'll have to pay before your coverage kicks in. Let's say if you have an engagement ring worth $1,200 that is lost in a covered event, and you have a $500 deductible, you will have to pay that $500 first before receiving any payment to help cover the cost of your ring.

How much is jewelry insurance?

The cost of jewelry insurance can vary widely based on factors like the value of your jewelry, coverage limits, the type of jewelry insurance you choose, the deductible (if applicable), and where you live. In general, a stand-alone jewelry insurance policy tends to cost about 1-2% of your jewelry's value annually.1

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