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Choosing insurance for your all-terrain (ATV), utility task vehicle (UTV), or other off-road vehicle can be complex. Our local licensed insurance agents can help. Call us today! 800-835-0894

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We can help you find the best insurance for your ATV or UTV

Comparion local licensed agents know the insurance world inside out. They will guide you through the complex process of finding you the right insurance coverage for your all-terrain or off-road vehicle - and help you save money, too!

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Do I need insurance for my ATV, UTV, or other off-road vehicle?

It depends. Insurance requirements vary by state for ATVs, UTVs (sometimes called side-by-sides), and other off-road vehicles. Keep in mind, that regardless of where you live, if you use your vehicle on land owned by others, or on public trails, you may be required to have insurance.

Like car insurance, liability is basic coverage that can help pay for damages to others' property and their medical expenses in the event of an accident.

Additional coverages like collision and comprehensive can help protect your investment. They can help cover costs associated with repairing damage from collisions or fallen trees and can also help you recover funds if your ATV, UTV, or other off-road vehicle is stolen.

Depending on the insurance company, other add-ons may be available to further customize your insurance coverage.

Not sure where to start? Let a Comparion insurance agent help find the best all-terrain or off-road vehicle insurance for you.

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How do I start working with an agent?

With Comparion, getting an insurance quote with an agent is easy and fast. You can start an insurance quote with just your name, address, email and phone number. An insurance agent local to you will call you back to finish the process.

Want to have a conversation first? Find an agent near you and schedule time to talk. We have agents all over the country who are ready to listen to you and recommend insurance options that best protect you and your ATV, UTV, or other off-road vehicle.

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Does ATV, UTV, or off-road vehicle insurance cost more with an agent?

Using an insurance agent for your all-terrain and off-road vehicles shouldn't cost more than buying it on your own. In fact, our agents will try to find you better coverage at a price that works for your budget.

Insurance costs tend to be more dependent on factors such as your driving record, the state where you live, and the coverages and coverage amounts selected.

How much does ATV, UTV, or other off-road vehicle insurance cost?

The cost of off-road vehicle insurance can vary greatly based on the make and model of vehicle insured, your driving record, past claims, where you live, and the coverages and coverage amounts selected, but it is typically less than a car insurance policy.