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Hi. My name is Iestyn Dulais (pronounced "yes-tin dill-ice"). I was born and raised in Wales as a US citizen and have been living in Arizona for nearly 15 years. I have been properly protecting thousands of clients for over 12 years now. Clients love working with me because I save them time and money, and do all of the hard work by shopping multiple insurance carriers on their behalf. Quote with Iestyn (Arizona residents only)

Why use an insurance agent?

"Why use an insurance agent when you can buy insurance online directly from an insurance website?"

This is a question I often hear. Consumers have more choices today when it comes to insurance than ever before, and these options can be overwhelming.

As a local insurance agent deeply rooted in my community here in Mesa, AZ and the greater Phoenix area, I've seen firsthand the advantages of working with someone who knows insurance inside and out.

I help my clients understand what kind of insurance they need, and what may not be the best fit. I then give them a clear recommendation based on where they live and their individual situation. For example, my clients are usually relieved when I recommend life insurance. It's because they're often curious but have put off buying it for whatever reason, despite it being one of the most important policies they can have. Homes and cars can be repaired or replaced, a life can't.

Here are my top 6 reasons why using an insurance agent can be the smartest decision you can make to help safeguard your future:
  1. Expertise and guidance
  2. Access to multiple insurance carriers
  3. Time and effort savings
  4. Customized coverage
  5. Long-term relationship
  6. Local presence and community involvement

1. Expertise and guidance

Your local insurance agent is a licensed professional who can assess your needs and recommend the best policies for you while making sure you meet all state or lender requirements.

For example, when I'm quoting clients in Arizona for auto insurance, they're often surprised to learn that they're required to have insurance that covers damage to their windshield. Every state has specific car insurance requirements and risks you should consider, and your local agent can help you navigate these to ensure you're protected.

2. Access to multiple insurance carriers

If your agent is an independent agent (or one that can sell from multiple insurance carriers like Comparion) this means they have relationships with many insurance companies, giving you access to a wide range of policy options.

This allows an agent to shop around and find the best coverage at the most competitive rates for you. Independent agents have no bias or preferences to any company over another and are truly in your corner when it comes to insurance.

3. Time and effort savings

Instead of spending your time getting multiple online quotes or calling several insurance companies and comparing policies, insurance agents can do the legwork for you.

For example, I commonly have clients who moved from out-of-state, or who are interested in switching insurance companies. Both situations often necessitate getting quotes for multiple cars, homes, and maybe even things like ATVs, boats, or golf carts. It can be an overwhelming task and take up valuable time if you're not an insurance expert. This is where I come in to shop around and find comparable options for my clients to choose from at zero additional cost to them.

Think of insurance agents as time savers so you can focus on what matters.

4. Customized coverage

Independent agents live and breathe insurance every day. It's what they do. Their in-depth knowledge of various carriers and policies can help you choose the right ones based on your specific situation.

It's not uncommon to find my clients have been purchasing costly coverage that is no longer the best fit for them. On the other hand, I've helped them learn about a type of coverage they didn't even know existed that gives them peace of mind.

5. Long-term relationship

Building a relationship with an insurance agent can benefit you in the long run. They can help you review and update your coverage as your needs change, ensuring you always have the right protection in place.

I've been there for many of my clients as they buy their first home, get married, and become new parents. Watching my clients go through life transitions and helping them feel secure about their future is what I like best about my job.

Remember, your insurance agent works for you. I tell my clients to call me anytime they have questions about anything insurance related.

6. Local presence and community involvement

Did you know that many local insurance agents volunteer in their community and donate to local causes? When you use a local insurance agent, you're supporting your community while working with someone who understands the unique insurance needs of your area.

Insurance agents are truly your companion, helping you navigate the complex world of insurance. We do the comparison work for you (without broker fees!) and make the process easy.

Frequently asked questions about using an insurance agent

Does it cost anything to use an insurance agent?

No! Insurance agents are paid by insurance companies. You only pay for the insurance policy, or policies, you want. There are typically no agent or agency fees.

What is an independent insurance agent?

An independent insurance agent can sell policies from multiple insurance companies. A "captive" insurance agent, on the other hand, is employed by one insurance company and can usually only sell policies that company offers. At Comparion, our agents can sell policies from over 50 different insurance companies to help you find just the right insurance for your needs.

How do I find an insurance agent near me?

It's easy. Use our directory to find a local insurance agent in your community today. Or submit your information and a local insurance agent will contact you.

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